Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Full facial and body rejuvenation range
  • Specialized preparations for use by doctors and specialist trained skin care professionals
  • Products for pre and post-surgery ensuring continuity of care
  • Products for pre and post laser skin resurfacing or hair removal laser preparations
  • Post treatment care following tattoos and tattoo removal
  • Products for post micro-needling
  • Treats pigmentation, wrinkles, acne, acne scarring, scars, burns
  • Most powerful, yet natural ‘Power Peel’ & Heal treatments and post peel care
  • Ultimate simplicity within the home care range
  • Suitable for all skin types, ages, ethnicities
  • High technology cutting edge ingredients providing potency without side effects
  • Laboratory produced by internationally trained cosmetic chemists
  • Continued international research - keeping ahead
  • Cost efficiency, the most potent internationally renowned product at affordable prices
  • Highest percentages of natural and new technologically advanced ingredients achieving ultimate anti-ageing
  • Diminution of fine lines from sun damage and ageing
  • Smoothing of deeper lines, particularly if undergoing the ‘Peel & Heal’ ‘Power Peels’
  • Increased smoothness of skin texture
  • Normalizing of pigmentation and improvement in overall skin colour
  • Firming, toning of the skin of the face and body
  • Improved suppleness and rehydration of tired, damaged skin
  • Increased natural skin glow and radiance
  • Clearing blackheads and spots and minimizing pore size
  • Enhanced wound healing and scar maturation
  • Improves appearance of old raised scars
  • Helps prevent and repair stretch marks
  • Helps eliminate and control cellulite with maintenance
  • Safe during pregnancy
  • Skin maintenance as never before, bringing back youthfulness
Certain symptoms MAY be experienced during the first few weeks of starting the products. However, if one does experience any of these it does not mean that one has an allergy to the product and these cannot be considered side effects. One may feel a tingling and itchiness on application of the night preparations in particular. The intensity of this varies from person to person and some feel nothing. This tingling is due to the product having a low pH [acidity]. Dryness and flakiness of the skin may be experienced, especially in the more sensitive areas such as nostrils, corners of mouth, upper cheekbones, eyes etc. The skin may become pink or look patchy, particularly if the skin is sun damaged as the products target these areas in their dead skin removal process. Wrinkles may initially look worse and pigmentation may look darker. This is due to the separation of the outer dead horny layer from the healthy, new inner living layer of skin. During this initial process the skin MAY become dry but one can counteract this by using one of the RégimA products suggested by your doctor or skin care professional. Expect the skin to start feeling tighter as it becomes firmer. One must differentiate between firming/tightening of the skin and dryness. Tighter and firmer is exactly what one wants. Bear in mind also, whatever is sitting under the surface of the skin is likely to come out. The products are not drawing them out; they are actually working through that tough outer surface and going down to meet the problem. It should be remembered that although one may initially experience some tingling, irritation or flaking on using the concentrated night preparations, one achieves much greater and more rapid cell renewal. Once the skin is in a better condition, tingling, itchiness or dryness of the skin diminishes dramatically. RégimA night creams work on the skin from the moment of application until the moment of neutralization with RégimA cleanser e.g. If applied at 10 O’clock at night and one removes at 7 O’clock the next morning, natural exfoliation and rejuvenation has been taking place for 9 hours. When using these products it is therefore not necessary to use face scrubs.
One must follow the instructions of the prescribing doctor. It has been our experience that whilst on certain treatments that one can safely and successfully use certain RégimA products as described below: Roaccutane - This treatment is extremely successful in treating active acne, teenage or adult, and helping prevent scarring. There are, however, in certain cases, symptoms experienced. The skin may become dry, tight and pink. Following a very simple regime, during the course of the treatment, minimizes potential side effects e.g. RégimA Cleanser, Scar Repair Cream or Scar Repair Forté Serum am and pm with a RégimA day product such as Daily Intelligent Sebum Solver. Cortisone [steroids also called corticosteroids] - Topical application of Cortisone is used successfully to treat many skin conditions. It can, however, if used regularly, have a thinning effect on the skin, cause easy bruising, dilated capillaries, redness and stretch marks in certain individuals. It is essential therefore that the skin is ‘re-built’. RégimA Scar Repair Cream, Scar Repair Forté Serum, or Quantum Elastin-Collagen Revival, which helps repair, and firm the skin, may be applied over the top of the treated area, to be applied at least 15 minutes following Cortisone application. Renova, Retin-A and Retinol - The Differences - As so many people confuse Retinol with Retin-A it is necessary to clarify a few points. Renova, Retin-A are prescription treatments containing the active ingredient retinoic acid [tretinoin]. This has been sold for years under the brand name Retin-A. This may be very successful, however, side effects MAY occur in certain cases - Dryness, redness, tenderness, swelling and flaking of the skin and sensitivity to sun light. It is essential when on this treatment to use a sunscreen. We recommend a RégimA day preparation containing SPF. RégimA uses retinyl palmitate, a Vitamin A derivative, which has no side effects and is safe for all.
It must be stressed that layering of products is very important and has proven to be extremely beneficial in dealing with certain skin problems. For example if the skin is pigmented, environmentally damaged, fragile, scarred or acne scarred then it is essential that one uses repairing or specific treatment products morning and night under the appropriate RégimA day and night preparations. In the case of hyperpigmentation, it is essential that an anti-pigmentation product such as RégimA Pigment Perfector be applied morning and night under other appropriate products, allowing a minute between applications to allow for penetration. The doctor or skin care professional would decide on the best combination of RégimA products for each individual’s needs. It is essential when treating pigmentation that a RégimA day product containing SPF is applied over the Pigment Perfector. It is highly recommended that one uses Omega High Impact Night Complex over the top of Pigment Perfector every night. Bear in mind that this is the most powerful of the night products, so it may tingle and itch on application. It is therefore advised that one applies a couple of hours before bedtime. ‘Power Peel’ in-salon treatments are also highly recommended when one is trying to eliminate stubborn pigmentation.
There is so much controversy and misinformation regarding what can and cannot be used during pregnancy. One major issue is regarding Vitamin A. Many doctors tell their pregnant patients that during the first trimester [3 months] that they are not allowed to take Vitamin A supplements. Let us clarify why:- SYSTEMIC VITAMIN A - [means taking a supplement by mouth] - This is the form of Vitamin A the doctor is referring to and concerned about if one gets too much. Vitamin A supplements should not be taken during the first 3 months of pregnancy as high doses of Vitamin A have been found to possibly cause birth defects and liver toxicity. Vitamin A is very important for you and your baby and a healthy diet will provide sufficient amounts. It is found naturally in meat, fish, dairy, fortified cereals, fruit and vegetables [beta carotene]. It is critical for you and your baby to have a good balanced diet. TOPICAL VITAMIN A - [means applied externally to the skin] - Vitamin A, in the forms of Retinyl Palmitate or beta carotene, are safe to be applied to the skin during pregnancy. These have great benefits for the skin, aiding condition, and in combination with other natural ingredients, help to prevent stretch marks. Very importantly these forms of Vitamin A when applied externally work on the skin but do not work systemically [do not penetrate into the blood stream] so will not be toxic.
RégimA Scar Repair + Anti-Stretch Complex or Scar Repair Forté Super Strength Serum, should be applied am and pm to areas prone to stretching: breasts, tummy, buttocks and thighs. Helps prevent stretch marks. One should continue application of this product to the breasts whilst breast feeding [washing the nipples prior to each feed]. This will help prevent stretch marks on the breasts which can obviously become quite a lot bigger during this time.
Everything that is alive or once was will go through the natural phase of decay. Decay happens with or without preservatives.
  • Water-based skin care products have a 3-5 days shelf life if left unpreserved.
  • Health Risk - contaminated products can cause far more than irritated skin. These micro-organisms have caused serious illness and disease ranging from a burning sensation to strep and staph infections, and can be potentially life threatening.
Any personal care product containing a range of ingredients described as natural has the potential to support the growth of bacteria, fungi and moulds, and can deteriorate through the process of oxidation. Preservatives are necessary for product safety. Without it, not a single cosmetic product with any level of activity would last longer than 3 days on the shelf before presenting with microbial infection, which would most certainly cause more harm than any preservation ingredient. David Steinberg, a previous national president of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, has gone so far as to trademark his statement: “Remember, Preservatives are Safer than Bacteria™”. Some ingredients typically used for preservation: tea tree oil, thyme essential oil, grapefruit seed extract, bitter orange extract, cinnamon, lavender, lemon peel, and rosemary extract. The trouble with these is they have almost no effect as a preservative in products that contain a higher percentage of natural ingredients which need to be preserved for a longer term. The percentage of one of these ingredients if used for preservation must also be high in order to have any desired effect, at least 3% per preserving ingredient. Sometimes essential oils which are used as preservatives can evaporate from the preparation when left uncovered. Some essential oils, if concentrated, can cause reddening of the skin and dermatitis.
The Peel & Heal ‘Power Peels’ must be performed by either a doctor or a trained skin care professional. A series of peels may be necessary to achieve an optimal end result to a particular problem. It is better and more favourable long-term to start off conservatively with the peels, each procedure time may be increased dependent on patient/client reaction and tolerance. With a problem such as pigmentation it would be ideal to commence with either a weekly regime if tolerated very well, or a fortnightly peel if one does experience peeling. One can then progress to either monthly or six weekly as desired or required. Dependent on the condition of the skin, on application one usually experiences a slight stinging/tingling sensation which occurs mainly during the first five minutes following application, but mostly one feels itchiness. It is generally well tolerated and one may massage around with the pads of fingers to relieve any itchiness until this settles down. If the skin is dry or dehydrated prior to the peel then the stinging on application may be more intense. The peel will be left on for a period of time at the discretion of the skin care professional this depending on skin condition, problem and tolerance. It must be thoroughly neutralized using RégimA Cleansing Gel and the first cleanse does sting briefly. This quickly settles down and the appropriate RégimA post peel products will be applied to the area. IMPORTANT NOTE: It is very well tolerated by most people, even the very young skins [as young as 11 years old]. May sting more initially if the skin is dry and out of condition. Known to sting when applied pre-menstrually. During certain times of year it may sting slightly more - in extremes of cold and hot weather.
YES: The Peel & Heal ‘Power Peels’ will not be applied to any patient/client who is not going to be using the RégimA home care essentials. It is critical that one uses RégimA cleanser, day and night products. For 2 nights following the peel one must use one of the following: Scar Repair Cream or Serum or Laser Gel or Quantum Elastin Collagen Revival. The natural peel and products have been formulated to work synergistically and other cosmetic products may not react favourably. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER PRODUCTS IN COMBINATION WITH RÉGIMA.
Dependent on skin type and initial condition, a degree of erythema [redness] is experienced during the peel, and one can feel the skin is hot. The redness usually goes down within a few hours. One may just experience very superficial flakiness [a sand papery feel] of the skin over the next few days. However, if the skin is very dry prior to the peel one may expect more peeling. This does not mean there is an allergic reaction, it is merely the outer dead layer of skin separating from the healthy living layer. If the skin is dehydrated or sun damaged there may be more peeling, particularly around the nose, mouth, chin, nasolabial folds, eyes and neck. The peel targets these damaged areas, removing them more rapidly, but may give a patchy appearance. This can be a normal response, particularly if there is sun damage. This does not indicate allergy and will settle. Apply one of the post peel products several times daily, massaging gently and the dead skin will be removed leaving a smoother, fresher complexion. It does not mean that if you peel once or twice you will visibly peel every time. Reactions vary from session to session dependent on certain factors. If one does not have visible peeling it does not mean the procedure has not been successful as a certain amount of dead skin is removed immediately during neutralization. In olive or darker skins if there is any peeling the skin may look darker initially on these areas as the dead skin is sloughing off. One must be patient and continue with the home care and the peels and this will improve quickly. ZONE ‘INITIATION PEEL’ Created particularly for the client who has maybe not undergone skin peels previously, or may have a very sensitive or damaged skin and may be nervous about the experience. This is an in-salon, gentle action “lunchtime peel” which helps introduce the skin to the RégimA range of products. The ‘Initiation Peel’ is applied to the skin for around only 10 minutes. This brief session also allows the skin care therapist time to perform a skin analysis in order to ascertain the best treatment plan and home care regime for the client. PEEL & HEAL ‘POWER PEELS’
  • A medically accepted unique peeling system
  • ’POWER PEEL’ 30 + 50 [See Zone section for more information]
  • Peeling, healing, regenerating, rejuvenating, renewed youthful skin
  • Rapid exfoliating action
  • Gives skin renewed elasticity
  • Instant smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps eliminate and control pigmentation
  • Gradually removes “sun spots”, “age spots”, “liver spots” face and hands
  • Helps treat active acne and acne scarring
  • Safe to use all year round
  • Safe during pregnancy
  • Safe for the face, including dark under eyes, neck, breasts, décolleté, anti-ageing for the hands, and areas of the body which may have scarring
  • Peel face + body – Scars hypertrophic and keloids, acne scarring, old burns, old skin grafts
  • Safe for all skins, all ethnicities – White, Black, Asian, young, mature, male, female
IMPORTANT NOTE: One MAY experience tingling, itching, flaking, peeling, redness, swelling during and following any peel procedure, and during the neutralization process. This depends mainly on the initial condition of the skin and does not mean there is an allergic reaction. Any symptoms may be alleviated with either Scar Repair or Laser Gel [always if there is visible peeling immediately following the procedure]. Continue using one of these products until all peeling has ceased. A course of peels is highly recommended if one is treating a particular skin problem such as pigmentation, acne or scarring. If the skin is very dry, sun damaged or in a poor condition the therapist will most probably suggest RégimA repairing home care products for 2 weeks prior to commencing the Peel & Heal ‘Power Peels’ procedures. NEVER MIX RÉGIMA HOME CARE OR PEEL & HEAL ‘POWER PEELS’ TREATMENTS WITH PRODUCTS FROM ANOTHER RANGE AS THEY MAY NOT BE COMPATIBLE AND COULD CAUSE AN ADVERSE REACTION.
ACNE or PROBLEM SKIN A main cause of acne is the peaking of testosterone in the skin, in males and females, causing hormonal breakouts. Inflammation is also a major problem with active acne, causing redness and swelling of inflamed tissues. Anti-inflammatories within topical products are therefore extremely important when choosing the correct care preparation for this condition. There is always the risk of infection with staphylococcal and streptococcal bacteria. Products should therefore be more acidic [low pH] to help externally control an acneform skin by destroying most skin bacteria which are a main cause of inflammation and cross infection. Natural exfoliation is important and one must be gentle and not scrub the skin. It is essential to start off the day and night routine by cleansing with RégimA Cleansing + Toning Gel, clearing and tightening the pores. Plant extracts add a natural skin toning effect, so no extra toner is required. The skin care professional will advise on the most valuable products and treatments for active acne and acne scarring. PIGMENTATION Pigmentation (melasma/chloasma) is a stubborn problem and must be treated gradually, safely, without aggression. Establish the cause and eliminate if possible. Pigment Perfector must be used am and pm under day and night products. One must always use one of the RégimA day products containing sun protection to prevent recurrence. It is highly recommended that Pigment Perfector is combined with Omega High Impact Night Complex and for further acceleration of treatment RégimA ‘Power Peels’ are highly recommended. Treatment of hyperpigmentation is a slow process and patience is required. The first signs of improvement are only seen in a minimum of three to six weeks. A steady, gradual improvement is the only safe way to eliminate hyperpigmentation. Aggressive procedures can result in exacerbation of the condition. RégimA has been successful in managing pigmentation for many years with a combination of Peel & Heal ‘Power Peels’ procedures and home care essentials. The Peel & Heal ‘Power Peels’ are safe and effective for the management of pigmentation. It is necessary in certain skin types [especially olive or darker skins] to work conservatively. A series of ‘Power Peels’, gradually building up the length of time the peel is left on, has been proven to be of most benefit. These peels must be used in conjunction with RégimA Home Care Essentials and MUST NOT be combined with other ranges of products that may not be compatible. Pigment Perfector [See Zone section for more information] should be applied am and pm with one of the RégimA day products containing SPF over the top and Omega High Impact night preparation. Elimination of pigmentation is greatly accelerated when home care and ‘Power Peels’ are combined.
The core concept of the Zone range is the 3 spheres of influence:
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-oxidants 
  • Rejuvenation
The 2 main causes of skin ageing and ageing diseases are ‘the silent killer’ inflammation, and free radical damage. Zone products address individual skin issues, with active ingredients targeting each contributing factor at maximum clinically effective concentrations seen in the relevant trials, whilst normalising every other skin function to its ideal condition, achieving equilibrium by influencing these factors, bringing skin into the Zone of optimal skin health.